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“Nick’s previous, and current businesses demonstrate a depth of knowledge and support for SME’s and business owners, he is a proven success.”

Josh Brown, Techno Spark

“Nick has guided me as an entrepreneur from an early stage. He has helped me to develop my ideas and explore different options for my business. He is always full of encouragement and positivity.

Similarly, whenever I have encountered a problem, as is inevitable in business, Nick is always at the end of the phone, nothing is ever too much trouble.
Apart from this, Nick is one of the most genuine people I know with a real interest in helping people expand their businesses and achieve their full potential.”

Emma Woollard, The Language Guys

“After working with Nick for a number of years he has become more than just a mentor and coach, but also a close friend. He is able to work with you on all aspects of your business from strategy to marketing. He will always go above and beyond to ensure you and your business succeed.”

Tom Howarth, Techno Spark

“I have only known Nick for a few months but the impact he has had not only on my attitude towards business but my confidence in myself as a young female entrepreneur too has been amazing. He has taught me ways to understand the many complex aspects of growing a small business in a way that I can understand, he uses a person centred approach that I value deeply. He is not only my mentor but has become a good friend, he is approachable and super friendly and I feel I can turn to him whenever I need any business advice no matter how simple or complex the matter in hand.”

Kim Anderson
The Grunge Monkey

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About Me

Small businesses make up the vast majority of the UK economy, we employ more people, generate more tax revenues and create more wealth than the rest of the UK economy put together.

All businesses need a little help from time to time, that maybe the oversight of a Non Executive Director, or an interim manager who offers help and support at a time of need or crisis or simply an outside eye to offer support and pracical advice at regular intervals.

I've been involved in small and medium-sized businesses for over 30 years. My first career was in the Hospitality sector, I then moved into temporary healthcare staffing, healthcare provision and finally international recruitment.

I've been involved in businesses that experienced extraordinary growth, and stagnation. Both can be problematic and need management, different styles of management, but management none the less.

Many issues draw a business owner away from their primary role; to strategise, to ensure success and make sure the business is still trading a year from now. Often, that re-focusing requires an outside eye, that's where a good business adviser is invaluable.

I offer practical no-nonsense advice and support. I can't honestly say I've seen every eventuality that a business may encounter, I don't believe anyone can, however when times get difficult, as they do in all businesses, it's good to have someone you can call on who's prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.