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What can I do to help your Care Home business?

Whether you run a Domiciliary Care Agency or a Nursing Home, the Care Industry is currently facing some unprecedented challenges.

The pressure on fees from local authorities means that providing a high quality service is becoming increasingly difficult. Combined with central government imposing the living wage and compulsory pension legislation, the squeeze on employers in all businesses is becoming increasingly difficult. However given the limited ability for Care businesses to increase charges, these challenges are proving particularly difficult to overcome.

Whilst I can’t provide a financial solution to the problems a business faces I can be a fresh pair of eyes on a problem allowing me to help you take a different approach. That maybe cutting agency usage, helping with HR and sickness issues, or trying different recruitment methods.

Many businesses struggle with inspections by CQC or Care Inspectorate Wales. I’ve been through many inspections, it’s never a particularly appealing prospect, and if it goes badly it can be harrowing.

I believe it’s at these times that an experienced consultant is essential. Someone who’s been there through multiple inspections over the years, and can prepare you for a follow-up inspection and then keep you and your staff prepared for a surprise visit.

I also have a wide network of contacts, together we’ve seen most of the problems a care business encounters and can help to put a solution together, whether it’s a staffing crisis, or a financial problem.

There are times when you simply have to push back, if you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly you need as many people on your side as possible. If you can show that you’ve taken all reasonable steps to avoid a problem, or remedy a situation, you’ll be in a stronger position.

In practice what this means is that I can offer an independent view, whether you’re in dispute with a local authority, a relative or an NHS Commissioning body.

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About Me

Small businesses make up the vast majority of the UK economy, we employ more people, generate more tax revenues and create more wealth than the rest of the UK economy put together.

All businesses need a little help from time to time, that maybe the oversight of a Non Executive Director, or an interim manager who offers help and support at a time of need or crisis or simply an outside eye to offer support and pracical advice at regular intervals.

I've been involved in small and medium-sized businesses for over 30 years. My first career was in the Hospitality sector, I then moved into temporary healthcare staffing, healthcare provision and finally international recruitment.

I've been involved in businesses that experienced extraordinary growth, and stagnation. Both can be problematic and need management, different styles of management, but management none the less.

Many issues draw a business owner away from their primary role; to strategise, to ensure success and make sure the business is still trading a year from now. Often, that re-focusing requires an outside eye, that's where a good business adviser is invaluable.

I offer practical no-nonsense advice and support. I can't honestly say I've seen every eventuality that a business may encounter, I don't believe anyone can, however when times get difficult, as they do in all businesses, it's good to have someone you can call on who's prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.