Is Allied Healthcare A Warning For The Rest Of The Care Industry?

Allied healthcare has pressed the button to summon help and shelter the company from creditors. My first encounter with Allied Healthcare was a very long time ago. So long ago in fact that the business was called Allied Medicare, the logo was a quaint line drawing of a ‘lady with a lamp, channelling Florence herself…
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How Do Business Leaders Learn In The 21st Century?

Not classrooms, shared experiences! The world of education and teaching is evolving and changing rapidly. This is especially true when it comes to business owners who don’t necessarily want to commit to a classroom based style of learning – too rigid, too expensive and no opportunity to try before you buy. From the learner’s point…
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My Business Is Running Me – It Should Be The Other Way Round!

Fortunately for me this is no longer the case, but that’s exactly how it felt for many years when I was running my family business. I seemed to be constantly firefighting problems, and just when I felt I could start to relax a little, and actually enjoy the sense of freedom I got from running…
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7 Rules For Running A Happy (And Successful) Family Business

“Running a family business is so rewarding” / “Running a business with family members is like walking through a minefield, blindfold!” I wonder which one of the above statements you identify with most? If you’re like me, you probably switch between the two. A family business is a unique proposition. On the one hand you’ve got…
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It’s All About ‘A Business Plan’

This is Part 2 of Nick Hodson’s Business Starter Tips Now you’ll need to pull together a business plan. Rain forests have been felled to provide paper for the huge numbers of books and articles written about devising the perfect business plan. The truth is, there is no perfect business plan. How could there be,…
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Entrepreneurs – Start ‘Em Young!

My primary school headmaster was a stern Welshman from the hills overlooking the Dee Valley, an ex RAF fighter pilot from WW2 – he took no nonsense!  However, one of his main concerns was preparing his charges for the rigours of the big wide world, not just the three’s, but self reliance, industriousness and a…
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Build Your Confidence!

This is Part 1 of Nick Hodson’s Business Starter Tips Start-ups need nurturing, you need to build your confidence! Okay, so you’ve hit on the perfect idea. Confidence is high, this idea is the one, the one to make money, maybe even lots of money!  You’ll have to work hard on your start up, build…
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‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ or ‘Fools Rush In’?

It’s the dream of most business men and women – a sales curve that looks like the side of a pyramid stretching inexorably skywards! Fortune really does favour the brave, but is your business overheating? The first thing to look at is why? Why has your business suddenly taken off?  Of course if you’ve seen…
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Is Your Business Vulnerable?

Have you ever considered your business to be vulnerable when things are going really really well? There are obvious times when a business is vulnerable, like when it’s new or when there’s a catastrophic incident like a fire or a cyber attack. But have you ever pictured your business as vulnerable when sales are climbing through…
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“Rip Off” Agencies – Lazy Ministers More Like!

As yet another Government minister, Ben Gummer this time, labels agencies as a ‘rip off’. I’d like to ask Mr Gummer a question, but first it’s about time someone started to talk about the real issues confronting the NHS and their staffing shortages. Perhaps Mr Gummer has the memory of a goldfish, but the rest…
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About Me

Small businesses make up the vast majority of the UK economy, we employ more people, generate more tax revenues and create more wealth than the rest of the UK economy put together.

All businesses need a little help from time to time, that maybe the oversight of a Non Executive Director, or an interim manager who offers help and support at a time of need or crisis or simply an outside eye to offer support and pracical advice at regular intervals.

I've been involved in small and medium-sized businesses for over 30 years. My first career was in the Hospitality sector, I then moved into temporary healthcare staffing, healthcare provision and finally international recruitment.

I've been involved in businesses that experienced extraordinary growth, and stagnation. Both can be problematic and need management, different styles of management, but management none the less.

Many issues draw a business owner away from their primary role; to strategise, to ensure success and make sure the business is still trading a year from now. Often, that re-focusing requires an outside eye, that's where a good business adviser is invaluable.

I offer practical no-nonsense advice and support. I can't honestly say I've seen every eventuality that a business may encounter, I don't believe anyone can, however when times get difficult, as they do in all businesses, it's good to have someone you can call on who's prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.